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Green Vending Machines Philadelphia

Being green is popular these days, but we're motivated by other factors: our families and their future on this planet. Our commitment to the environment is expressed in a variety of ways from making smart choices when it comes to investing in vending equipment that is environmentally safe and energy efficient to our own company recycling processes that put our planet and our people first.

Our Green Vending technology in Philadelphia uses energy efficient LED lighting and Passive Infrared Sensors to power down our beverage vending machines when the area surrounding it is vacant. These sensors monitor the room’s temperature and automatically re- powers the cooling system at one- to three-hour intervals, independent of sales, to ensure that the products stay cold.

EmployeeBased in Bensalem, Pa, Advanced Services does its absolute best to utilize Green Technology that achieves maximum energy savings resulting in a reduction in energy operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

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