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Healthy Vending Philadelphia

Advanced Services is committed to providing healthy vending throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey as more and more of our clients wish healthy alternatives to candy bars and soda. Our healthy vending machines feature a variety of refreshment options which are low in fat, low in sugar and low in choelesterol as well as vitamin enriched.

Our team works closely with nutritionists and dieticians who research and evaluate our food, snacks and beverages. Upon careful consideration, taste testing and consumer feedback, Advanced Services offer many specialized healthy snacks and foods in our healthy vending machines.

Some of our healthy vending selections include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO due to competitive reasons:
» Yogurt
» Almonds
» Walnuts
» Cashews
» Sunflower Seeds
» Dried Fruits
» Granola
» Kashi Go Lean Bars
» Baked Lays Chips
» Baked BBQ Lays Chips
» Baked Nacho Doritos
» Baked Hot Cheetos
» Power Bars
» Baked Cheetos
» Snyders Pretzels
» Sun Chips French Onion
» Strawberry Nutri Grain Bar
» Blueberry Nutri Grain Bar
» Rasberry Nutri Grain Bar
» Apple Cinnamon Nutri Grain Bar
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